Elisa Zarate

Elisa Zarate’s Endorsements

“I am pleased to endorse Elisa Zarate as the next Clerk of Superior and State Court for Clarke County. Elisa is motivated, knowledgeable, and experienced in all areas needed to lead the Clerk’s Office into the future. She has proven skills in leadership, technology, and customer service. As custodian of the record, she is dedicated to preserving and protecting our history through our records, both court and land records, supporting our courts, and providing access to the records for all citizens. Elisa has proven she is an efficient steward of the public’s time and money. A vote for Elisa will be a vote for experience and excellence.”

Judge Patricia Barron

“I am pleased to endorse Elisa Zarate as Clerk of Court in the upcoming November 7, 2023 Election. I have known Elisa for several years when she was Treatment and Accountability Court Coordinator and Court Administrator when I served as Chief Magistrate Court Judge prior to my retirement. I can attest to her skills and character. She has a strong working knowledge of the entire court system and its impact on the Clerk’s Office. She has a strong working knowledge of the Athens-Clarke County Government and its relationship to the court system. Elisa has experience working with judges, attorneys, government officials, county commissioners, and members of our community. These experiences will serve her well as Clerk of Court. Elisa works very hard on each task put before her and communicates goals and objectives in a clear and concise manner. I am confident that she will serve the citizens of Athens-Clarke County well as Clerk of Court.”

“Elisa has demonstrated a deep understanding of the complexities of the court system and she has the skills to provide optimal service to residents of Clarke County.”

“The ACCDC general committee has voted unanimously to support Elisa Zarate in her run for Clerk of Courts. We invite you to join us in voting for Elisa in the November 7th special election! You’ve got our vote, Elisa!”

An Experienced Leader

Elisa Zarate is running in a special election this November to continue serving as Athens-Clarke County’s Clerk of Superior and State Court.

When Clerk of Court Beverly Logan retired earlier this year after 30 years of service, Elisa was appointed to serve as interim Clerk of Court. Her selection for this position from a number of applicants reflects her proven work ethic and her extensive institutional knowledge gained from over three years of service as the Court Administrator for the six courts comprising the Athens-Clarke County court system and from seven years of service as Program Coordinator for the Athens- Clarke County Treatment and Accountability Court.

Elisa’s 10 years of public service in the Athens-Clarke County judicial system has provided her with invaluable experience in every aspect of court management. She is skilled in human resource management, data collection, technology management, and budgeting. She understands the importance of fostering communication and cooperation between the court system and its numerous justice partners. Elisa is ideally qualified to serve as your elected Clerk of Court.

Elisa Zarate, ACC Clerk of Court

Elisa’s Commitment to Serving the Public

Elisa understands that members of the public are at the heart of her work as Clerk of Court. She will ensure that everyone who has contact with the Clerk’s Office, whether they are called for jury duty, are researching deed records, are seeking information on criminal or civil cases, or need any other assistance, will be treated with respect, courtesy, and the utmost level of customer service.

As the custodian of court records, Elisa’s job is not only to preserve and protect both old and new records (some go as far back as 1801), but also to ensure that the public has easy access to those records. She will use technology to increase accuracy and efficiency in all aspects of the operation of the Clerk’s Office. One priority is to provide online digital access to all land records for Clarke County and to have them indexed according to statewide standards such that anyone looking for real estate deeds, liens and plats can easily access them online. Elisa understands the importance of data standards that facilitate the sharing and integration of court records in a way that promotes efficiency and transparency. She will continue to work towards improving the accuracy and integrity of data to ensure that all Clarke County records are accurate.

Elisa was awarded the Gamechanger award in 2023 by the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Athens magazine. Each year, the award recognizes the extraordinary efforts of 10 Athenians working to make Athens-Clarke County a better place to live.

Athens Magazine cover

Elisa Zarate is a part of many boards and authorities, including:

  • Envision Athens
  • Justice and Mental Health Collaborative
  • Safety and Justice Committee
  • Accountability Courts Steering Committee
  • Georgia Superior Court Clerks’ Association
  • Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia
  • Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia
  • Georgia Council of Court Administrators

Get to Know Elisa

Elisa moved to Athens, GA in 2005 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia. After getting her degree, she fell in love with Athens and decided to put roots down permanently.

Eliza Zarate and family

Since moving here, she’s been actively engaged with the community. Through her love for music, she met her husband, Zack. They have a son (6) who attends Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School. Elisa is involved with the Clarke County School District and has served on the Academic Calendar Committee and participated in the Volunteer Instructional Leadership Learning Academy (VILLA).

Elisa and her family stay busy year round with extracurricular activities and can usually be found at an Athens Little League game or on the soccer fields most days of the week. She enjoys being outdoors with her family and planning their next adventure.

Vote Elisa Zarate for Clerk of Court on November 7

Athens-Clarke County is holding a special election for Clerk of Court on November 7. Check early voting dates and locations here.

Elisa’s campaign is always looking for volunteers! If you’re interested in helping out, send us a line at electelisazarateforclerk@gmail.com. We would also greatly appreciate any donation, big or small, which you can make online or by sending us a check to PO Box 1622, Athens, GA 30603.